How to add ReCaptcha to contact form 7? Easy Steps

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Don’t be worried if you don’t understand very well how to add reCaptcha to Contact Form 7. Today I explain how to protect your website by adding ReCaptcha to contact form 7.

Before we talk about reCAPTCHA, we need to talk about CAPTCHA. But don’t worry, it won’t be an extensive entry or too technical. In a couple of minutes, you will have configured an effective security system on your website so that spammers do not harass you.

What does CAPTCHA mean?

The acronym CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” or “Completely automated and public Turing test to differentiate computers from humans”. In order not to go off the rails technically, you can visit his Wikipedia entry. And if you want to meet and hear its inventor, you can do it through this video.

Recaptcha is an add-on for Google Chrome that helps websites prevent automated programs from filling out forms by presenting them with a captcha (a type of puzzle) they must complete before submitting their request. You’re not just solving words; you’re actually helping to digitize books by making them available online for free. If it’s something you want to know more about, then check out its Wikipedia page.

You’ve probably encountered hundreds of websites where they ask for proof that you’re human before allowing you access to their site. Now that you’re an admin for a site or blog, you know exactly why it was asking you so often, and how important it is. Eventually, if you haven’t already noticed, spam will reach you via your contact form. If you don’t require user registration, even people who use odd usernames and weird emails won’t be able to register.

If you don’t want spammers sending junk mail through your site, adding a captcha (a human verification feature) might help. With Contact Form 7, you don’t need to install anything extra on your site; simply configure the plugin yourself and integrate it with reCaptcha.


Adding Recaptcha to Contact Form 7:

You’ve made it this far if you’re worried about the safety of your business and want an effective way to protect against spammers.

It has been several times already that I’ve told you that there are bots starting to crawl through your site without any permission. And although today we’re just focusing on protecting your contact forms with ReCaptcha, I strongly suggest that you read both of these articles too:

So here we go! These are the three steps to follow if you want to use reCAPTCHA together with Contact Form 7.

1. Access Google reCAPTCHA:

To start protecting our contact form 7 using Google reCaptcha, we must first visit https://www.google.com/recaptcha/. Once there, we must click on “Add site” so that we can add a new domain for reCAPTCHAs.

How to add ReCaptcha to contact form 7 - accessing Google Captcha

2. Register your website and get the keys:

Fill out the forms for each site you want to secure. Here are the things you need to include:

  • Label: use a label that allows you to identify your website. For this example, I am going to put Form Contact Form 7.
  • reCAPTCHA Type – Choose the version of reCAPTCHA. You have two options, reCAPTCHA v3 and reCAPTCHA v2. Although  here you have more information, I summarize the main characteristics of each of them:
    • reCAPTCHA v3: it is the most recent version and, through a JavaScript code based on a scoring system, it is able to identify if the user is real or not without any type of interaction on their part.
    • reCAPTCHA v2: By selecting this option, you will see a drop-down with three options: I am not a robot checkbox (the most used), invisible reCAPTCHA badge and reCAPTCHA for Android, developed specifically for apps.
  • Domains: add the name of your website.
Register your website and get the keys - How to add ReCaptcha to contact form 7 - Google Recaptcha

Finally, accept the terms of service and click on “Submit”. You will automatically have access to the secret keys that you must add to the configuration of your contact form.

getting recaptcha keys Google Recaptcha

3. Add ReCaptcha to Contact Form 7:

Now that you have the reCAPTCHA keys, you have to configure the integration with Contact Form 7.

To do this, access the WordPress administration panel and click on “Contact” – “Integration”.

getting recaptcha keys - Google Recaptcha

Now the services that you have available to integrate with Contact Form 7 will be displayed. Select the second module and click on the “Configure the integration” button, as I show you in this image:

Configure the integration

Now insert the keys we got from Google reCAPTCHA and click on “Save changes”.

Insert the keys Configure the integration of contact form 7 with Google recaptcha

Ready! You already have Google reCAPTCHA configured in Contact Form 7.

As we have chosen version 3 for this example, users will not have to solve the captcha unless the suspicious activity is detected, although the web will show that the form is protected with Google reCAPTCHA. Here is an example of how it would be displayed:

adding recaptcha to contact form 7


As you can see, something as important as protecting your website from spam simply takes a couple of minutes. Setting up reCAPTCHA in Contact Form 7 is very easy. Also, as the integration module is already installed by default with the plugin, you save yourself installing new plugins that can affect the site performance. Want to learn about WordPress SEO? Check out my 31 Simple Hacks to Optimize WordPress for SEO

I hope you like my article, feel free to leave comments below.