100 Best Topics To Create A Blog

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It is not always easy to find topics to create a blog that reflects your passions and skills, but also an opportunity to gain visibility and earn online.

Most likely, you will find yourself in a prevailing situation initially: the right inspiration is slow in coming.

This is a recurring problem among aspiring bloggers. Still, having the desire to create your own online space, there will undoubtedly be many things you would like to share. Maybe too many!

Cooking, traveling, DIY, other hobbies …what topics to choose for a blog?

You will undoubtedly feel much more comfortable talking about topics you know well and are passionate about.

Sometimes, however, this is not the right strategy.

Some topics are probably exciting to you. You follow them with a lot of devotion, but how popular is this topic?

If it’s a concrete and particular industry, you probably won’t get enough following to create a successful blog.

topics to create a blog

I talked to many enthusiastic users of their new blog. They built their website with so much effort and wrote their articles every day passionately.

The problem is that no one was reading them, and there was no way to drive traffic to their pages.

If you want to follow your passion, first of all, make sure it has a following.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your efforts lead to nothing.

Instead, focus on topics that can help you gain exposure, traffic and even make money with your blog.

Of course, then, the choice remains yours.

In your blog, you can talk about anything you want.

The important thing is that you are aware of the results you can achieve.

The blogging topics below all have potential.

Choose those that inspire you the most or feel closest to you.

Topics to Create a Blog: Start with a single macro topic

Ideas for a blog: Start with a single macro topic

Before proceeding further, I want to give you a critical, essential piece of advice: to avoid focusing your attention on topics too general or unrelated to each other.

Remember that a blog, even of a personal nature, cannot talk about 100 different and disparate topics but must concentrate its focus.

Therefore, carefully select the topic of your blog because you will then have to be able to follow it and spread it consistently over time.

The real key to success for a blog is to convey a single maxi topic and, through this, treat all the other possible related elements.

Our blog, for example, deals with WordPress and consequently publishes many articles, guides, and pages related to web development about this CMS (content management system).

As you can see in our articles, we cover topics ranging from blogging to plugins, from SEO optimization, Speed Optimization to Web design.

We recommend that you carefully evaluate the macro theme that your blog will deal with. To build around it a well-structured network of articles and pages that will consistently address all the other topics that may be related.

In this way, one step at a time (as the Americans say baby steps ). You will create a successful blog, which is very visited, followed, and shared over time.

Consider that by activating our WordPress Assistance, you will immediately have a team of experts by your side. Who will help you in all the technical aspects with the advantage of focusing on the contents initially?

Best Topics to Create a Blog: 100 Inspiring Ideas

Best blogging ideas

Now that we’ve shown you the best strategy for starting your blog on a solid foundation ( remember: one mega topic! ). Let’s move on to the issue of ideal issues for creating a blog.

We’ve handpicked 100 topics for you to choose from to start building your online success.

Please read them carefully, compare the general themes with each other, and choose the ones that suit you best, those that interest you most, and those on which you are more competent.

Then carefully select topics from these general themes to create your specialized niche, even possibly in a composition that may seem saturated or too crowded at first glance.

Remember that a blog must be followed consistently, updated at least once a week, and cannot have setbacks if it wants to be visited and consulted a lot.

So, your passion for the topic will always remain the first engine to propose new content.

Select the topics you are sure you can write about continuously over time and are passionate about!

Activities related to the topic of your blog

If you also want to be sure you can make money with your new blog, then make sure the topic fits into a world where you can do activities like:

  • sale of your information products (ebooks, video courses, audio guides)
  • selling your tangible products
  • Affiliate marketing on other people’s products, services, and information
  • advertising (watch out for this because it takes thousands of visits to make a few hundred euros)
  • online advice
  • sell your services

In this perspective, especially, taking care of your blog can be considered a job. Therefore, make sure that writing on your blog is enjoyable and stimulating for you every time.

The risk is that if you lose enthusiasm, this fact will immediately pass on to your visitors, who will soon leave your platform.

In short, always remember to put care, love, perseverance, and a lot of dedication!

In general, if you find a topic that immediately seems exciting and in line with your interests in the list below, trust your instincts.

Suppose you want a more rational approach. In that case, one way to validate your idea is to prepare a list of 50 post titles that you could easily publish.

From the advice, let’s move on to the topics immediately.

best topics to create blog

Here is the list that we have compiled (for some of the items you will also find the clickable link to a site that already deals with the reference topic):

# 1 – How to find a job

# 2 – Lose weight

# 3 – How to travel cheap

# 4 – How to seduce a woman

# 5 – How to seduce a man

# 6 – How to write an ebook

# 7 – Exotic cooking recipes

# 8 – SEO

# 9 – How to use WordPress

# 10 – Self defense

# 11 – How to develop a strong character

# 12 – Blog dedicated to young students

# 13 – How to draw by hand

# 14 – Educating animals

# 15 – Buying a house

# 16 – Doing the decoupage

# 17 – Writing CV

# 18 – Learning English

# 19 – Living abroad

# 20 –Digital nomadism

# 21 – Marketing

# 22 – Social interviews

# 23 – Exhibitions and museums

# 24 – Alpine skiing

# 25 – Skydiving

# 26 – Pet clothes (highly sought after on Google!)

# 27 – Cat / dog breeds

# 28 – Making desserts

# 29 – Creating successful blogs

# 30 – Spirituality

# 31 – Meditation

# 32 – Yoga techniques

# 33 – Using LinkedIn

# 34 – Facebook marketing

# 35 – Music production

# 36 – Treating diseases

# 37 – Homes and sustainability

# 38 – Gardening

# 39 – Long distance adoption

# 40 – Personal development

# 41 – Law

# 42 – Sex

# 43 – Fashion

# 44 – Classical music

# 45 – Scuba diving

# 46 – Earning online

# 47 – Video production

# 48 – Painting

# 49 – Wedding dresses

# 50 – Honeymoons

# 51 – Playstation games

# 52 – History of Italy

# 53 – Blog for Sommeliers

# 54 – Sculpture

# 55 – Soft air

# 56 – Motocross

# 57 – Cars

# 58 – Two-wheeled travel

# 59 – Youtube Marketing

# 60 – News clubs

# 61 – Youth policy

# 62 – Building construction

# 63 – Learn Chinese

# 64 –Gossip

# 65 – Trekking

# 66 – Apple applications

# 67 – Science

# 68 – Cycling

# 69 – Biotechnology

# 70 – Space

# 71 – Books and literature

# 72 – Modeling

# 73 – Creating wooden furniture

# 74 – Designing clothes

# 75 – WordPress Themes

# 76 – Educating Children

# 77 – Motherhood

# 78 – Philosophy

# 79 – Vegetarian Diet

# 80 – Freelancing

# 81 – Online Games

# 82 – Alternative Energy

# 83 – Tutorials

# 84 – Using Photoshop

# 85 – Making Money with finance

# 86 – Gadgets

# 87 – PC Games

# 88 – Working women

# 89 –Furniture

# 90 – Cake Design

# 91 – Jewelery

# 92 – Organic / Vegan Diet

# 93 – Money Management

# 94 – Politics

# 95 – Software

# 96 – Design

# 97 – Career Guides

# 98 – Antiquity

# 99 – Territorial Pollution

# 100 – Creative arts

By the end of this list, you will have figured out how many topics are around which you can start creating a blog. How much they can be expanded individually, and how many additional ideas they can provide you.

From best blog topics to practice

From blog topics to practice

Now my advice is to take action, start your sorting and strategically organize your selection.

You will see that you will soon find the arguments for creating a successful blog.

If you have trouble choosing the right topic, start with those you would categorically exclude.

Print the list and cross out all those who don’t interest you at all. Who feels too complex for you, or who doesn’t know.

Print the cleaned list again.

From here, you can select the best blog topics for you.

Highlight the most interesting ones according to your taste and judgment.

Now search the web for other blogs that talk about these topics.

Also, visit the social profiles of their authors and see how much they have followed.

Thanks to this research, you will realize the potential success you could achieve. Still, you will also already have an idea of ​​who your competitors will be.

Find an excellent topic for your blog. It would be best to consider that you will certainly not be the first to talk about it. It will take a bit of effort (especially at the beginning) to make you known and establish yourself as an expert in the sector.

Gradually you will see that your readers will begin to trust you and follow you constantly.

Create your blog now: from scratch to WordPress in less than 10 minutes!

Create your blog now: from scratch to WordPress in less than 10 minutes!

Firstly, remember that we offer a  professional blog creation service in which you will immediately have an expert by your side, in real-time, from the beginning who will guide you via Skype to create your new website.

And you will be online right away.

Blog topics, where to start?

The blog can concentrate in-depth on a central idea without wasting concepts and energy unnecessarily from a single macro topic.

Topics to talk about related to activities to be carried out, which one to choose?

The topic covered in the blog must fall within a sphere within which it is possible to do business (e.g., product sales, marketing affiliations, etc.).

Blog ideas, the best ones?

From “how to find work” to design, software and politics. The topics to be covered in a blog can be many and all very profitable if selected strategically.

Is opening a successful blog possible?

Suppose the selected topic is well defined and allows you to write about many other related and exciting aspects. In that case, it means that it is the right way to follow.

In conclusion

Selecting a well-defined and focused topic that allows you to write about all the other related and exciting aspects is the first step to starting a successful blog.

You probably have some other topic to suggest and add to the list, or you want to ask us what we think about the topic you have in mind.

So, please help us to expand this list by pointing out some other issues that a blog could address.

We are sure, however, that in the meantime, this list will help you and that you can be positively inspired in your choice.

See you in the comments!