WhatsApp Plugins WordPress | Top 10 (Free & Premium)

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WhatsApp Plugins WordPress. Do you want to increase your sales with the help of WhatsApp? So, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we share the 10 Best WhatsApp Plugins WordPress that help visitors share your content or products on WhatsApp with the push of a button.

WhatsApp is a great way to attract new customers for any business, as according to recent surveys, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and most people are very active on WhatsApp compared to Facebook Messenger for example.

These WhatsApp Plugins WordPress add WhatsApp share buttons and chats to your WordPress custom post types, posts, and pages. You can quickly change the text, colour, icon or position with just a few mouse traps. Take a look at these sharing plugins and choose your favourite WhatsApp Plugins WordPress from the list below.

Please note that all these WhatsApp plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can easily use these plugins according to your own requirements.

🔥 WhatsApp Plugins WordPress | Premium

WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

Whatsapp plugins wordpress | WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

With this WordPress plugin, you can display your team’s accounts in a single box, and you can check availability by time and day for each account. Other characteristics are the orientation of the page, the text, the colours that you can edit, automatic display, etc.

You can use this interesting tool to display your team’s accounts in a single box. You can also display a list of WhatsApp accounts on your site that when clicking on it, will take the user to that particular account in the web version of WhatsApp if the user uses a desktop PC or opens the WhatsApp application if it is on a device mobile.

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WordPress WhatsApp Support

WhatsApp Plugins WordPress | WordPress WhatsApp Support

If you want to support your users through WhatsApp, then this WordPress plugin is perfect. It is compatible with a single person or multiple and allows you to filter the queries by pages and slugs. You can change the popup location on the mobile device as well as on the desktop.

It includes an easy-to-use shortcode generator that makes it easy to generate a live support button that you can place anywhere on your website.

Other features of this plugin are the group invitation, a personalized welcome message, an automatic pop-up window with sounds, scheduling by days, responsive and fully customizable design, etc.

More than 1 billion people in more than 180 countries use WhatsApp on a daily basis. This Whatsapp chat plugin for WordPress provides a better and easier way to communicate visits and customers directly to the person in charge of giving support. It runs on your own WordPress site, which allows full control over support through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Contact Chat | WhatsApp Chat Plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp Contact Chat | WhatsApp Chat Plugin for WordPress

This WhatsApp Chat Plugin for WordPress is simple and easy to use to create a chat through WhatsApp on your WordPress website. The plugin is packed with 10 pre-designed button templates, 10 scrolling animation effects, and 8 different positions for button placement.

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You can add the WhatsApp button in any way you want. Also, the plugin comes with the sticky button option. Text-only display option, icon position setting options, and much more. It is a plugin fully compatible with any device, browser and WordPress theme.

WhatsApp Contact Button (Chat) | WhatsApp Plugins WordPress

WhatsApp Contact Button (Chat)

This premium add-on will allow you to create a WhatsApp chat to communicate with users and it works perfectly with any topic. You can quickly change the colour icons, the button and it comes with five animation effects. It is compatible with modern browsers.


  • Works with any theme
  • Change the colour button
  • Also, change the colour icon
  • Support for all browsers
  • Adaptive mobile
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Easy to use
  • 8 animation effects
  • Includes Shortcodes

🔥 WhatsApp Plugins WordPress | Free

Simple Social Media Share Buttons

Simple Social Media Share Buttons

Simple Social Buttons include many options such as Sidebar, online, above and below the content of the posts, put photos, pop-up windows, plus an advanced set of buttons to share on social networks to your WordPress sites, such as Facebook, Google +, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat

Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat

A free plugin that makes your visitors who enter your website contact you through WhatsApp chat with a single mouse click. You have all the documentation, a demo and examples are available.

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It also includes a premium version with a new and complete WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, with more functions, new styles and interesting features that you can see on its website.

WhatsHelp Chat Button

WhatsHelp Chat Button

The WhatsHelp chat button takes the website visitors directly to the messaging application, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and allows them to start a conversation with you. After that, you can connect a contact with your customers where they can follow the conversation anytime, anywhere.

WhatsApp Chat WP

WhatsApp Chat WP

A quick and close response can change a business and increase your results. WhatsApp Chat Plugin WP allows your client to start a WhatsApp chat directly from your website.

It is simply necessary to press the button to open the WhatsApp chat application with the exact contact and the pre-filled message. For detailed information about this plugin, you can visit the previous link, where it also includes a video of how it works.

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WhatsApp me

WhatsApp me

A WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress was created by well-known people from the Spanish-speaking union. The options included in this plugin are:

  • Include a phone number.
  • Select this if you prefer the button to be visible only to mobile devices. The web version opens on the PC.
  • You can write a message so that users are encouraged to contact by WhatsApp.
  • You can schedule a timeout for the call-to-action message to display.
  • Show some kind of notification on the button so as not to get straight to the point.
  • It is possible to define the first message to send.
  • Advanced mode to configure on which pages you are going to show or hide the WhatsApp button.
  • Also if we have Google Analytics on our site and an event appears when a user enters WhatsApp.

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Do you know more interesting plugins to use this popular messaging service with WordPress? Well, do not hesitate to comment below …