9 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Marketing Tool 2022

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9 Proven Tips on how to choose the Best Email Marketing Tool 2021. Using email marketing is one of the strategies that continue to give results for companies, but also for those who have a blog and want to get updates or exclusive content to their readers. But in order to create a successful strategy, you need the right tools. Of course, an email marketing tool is essential.

What characteristics should a platform of this type have? In this post, we talk about them.

Characteristics of the best email marketing tool

Characteristics of the best email marketing tool 2021

These are some of the basic characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing an email marketing tool or a platform:

Plans offered

Email marketing tools generally offer several plans so that each user can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget, therefore, you should read well what the conditions of the plans are, informing yourself especially of the number of emails that you can send and the number of contacts you can have on your subscriber list.

Plans offered in email marketing tool 2021

Simple and friendly interface

Wasting time learning to use a marketing tool or creating campaigns is not something anyone wants, therefore, the simpler, but at the same time complete, the platform, the easier it will be to learn to use it and take advantage of it. To further facilitate the use of email marketing, these tools usually incorporate a mail template so that you can create your campaigns on it, which saves time and effort.

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Subscriber list management

The subscriber list is the database in which the email addresses of your audience or customers are stored, that is, those who voluntarily gave you their email for you to send them messages.

A quality email marketing tool is one that allows you to create this list of subscribers and for this, it gives the possibility of designing the forms and including them on the web, in addition, once you have the contacts, the platform must allow you to segment them and analyze your behavior.

Subscribers list management for email marketing tools scaled

Best Email Marketing Tool Must Allow Mass shipping

One of the main characteristics that users of this type of tool look for is to send mass emails for free, that is, to send the messages automatically to a large number of contacts that are in the database and that they do not end up in the customer’s Spam folder but directly to their inbox, which increases the chances of it being opened.

So before choosing an emailing tool, make sure it guarantees that emails will not be spammed.


The tests A / B and other types of tests are important to make decisions, for example, to which senders and send a message which is ignored. In general, email marketing tools have this among their options. Although tests are essential in this type of platform, not everyone knows how to use them, therefore, the same tool must have clear documentation so that you can learn to do tests.

Reports and statistics

Having complete statistics on time can mean the difference between going from a campaign with few results to one that does generate them since you can see the percentage of users who opened the message, how many clicked on the call to action, and which users are inactive, so it would be better to remove them from the database.

Reports and the statistics the best email marketing tool

That it integrates with WordPress

When you go to choose the platform you must make sure that it is compatible with WordPress so that you can include the subscription forms in strategic places within your site. Luckily, all the best tools of this kind integrate seamlessly with the world’s most widely used CMS.

Technical support in your language

Technical support is another essential feature when choosing the best email marketing platform because no one is exempt from needing help at some point. For this reason, try to stay with the one that has attention in your language and that is available through different channels, for example, live chat, email, ticket system, and telephone.

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Without ads

The best email marketing tools are those that are free of advertising, that is, they do not show their logo in the subscription forms or in the messages, rather, they give the user the opportunity to include their logo in the template, that is, they are totally white brand.

With these features, you are ready to choose a worthwhile email marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with your website. If you need any service related to website development contact us to discuss your project with WordPress experts.