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If your website is infected with Malware or got hacked, use this service now or contact us via chat for more information.
Detailed website scan
Our developer will perform a detailed scan of your website to isolate any infected files. This scan will also detect any malicious files that shouldn’t be on your site.
All infected files will be removed from the site.
Full site security report
As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS’s in the world, It is therefore very important to protect yourself from hackers. We will conduct a detailed security analysis of your site, highlighting any weak areas that need to be fortified to prevent future attacks.
Clean up the database
All the contents of your website are saved on the database, including login credentials. Quite often the database is the primary target for hackers to infiltrate and attack your website.
Our Malware Removal Service will make sure your site database is clean and safe.
.Htaccess & wp-config check
These two files are the heart of your WordPress site.
Hackers like to put their malicious code in these files to infect the entire site.
Our developers will perform a thorough check of these files and make sure they are clean and safe.
Security improvements
Our expert will install the most appropriate security plugin by evaluating the type of website.
This will ensure a higher level of security for the future.
Removal from the blacklist
Some attacks can lead to your site being blacklisted. This ensures that even after the virus is removed, your users will receive security messages. Our developers will also remove your site from any extremely harmful blacklists.

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We will need administrative access to your WordPress site.

It will be essential to be able to carry out the surgery quickly.

In some cases, the assigned expert may need other information, including hosting login details to resolve the issue at source.

All this information will be jealously guarded by SOS WP and never used without direct consent.
Our most popular WordPress Support Service will meet any WordPress need.
Each support request is equivalent to a job we can do for you.
White screen
WordPress theme
HTML code
CSS classes
External scripts
Usability of devices
And so much more…

We have a variety of other WordPress Support Services that can handle any job you may need.

The Malware Removal service is highly sought after by our customers dealing with an attack on their site.

We also have a Speed ​​Up Service that will allow your WordPress site to load in the blink of an eye.
You can contact us by clicking on the contact us button in the menu or by writing directly to
We understand that you may want to use our services for sites built on, but we cannot provide support on these sites because it is not possible to access the data and modify the code, therefore it does not allow us to offer a complete support service and that can satisfy you. However, there is the proprietary service that offers assistance.
We have an email ticket system where you can enter all your details and which allows you to communicate with your expert whenever you want.

You can also book a 15-minute telephone appointment in which to tell us your needs and get a quote on the intervention to be carried out.

Or chat with us from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 17:00.
Our guarantee is very simple: You will never pay an additional cost for the purchased service.
Your Ticket will be immediately assigned to an expert.

Our experts will work diligently on your problem until it is resolved. If a problem is not resolved we will refund you immediately.

We appreciate you and not the payment, we are always proud to offer quick assistance!
The accepted payment methods are PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.
WPProHelper has a team of WordPress experts ready to assist you: Jawad, Hammad & Nisha.

These are some of the names you’ll find mentioned in the many positive reviews we’ve collected on Trustpilot over the years. They are the technicians who will be in charge of servicing your website.

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