Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce

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Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce

The medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce comes to change the way we manage the purchase and sale of medicines and pharmaceutical products. The digital revolution continues to take hold. We tell you all about this auxiliary medical prescription supplement.

We all know about plugins and their wide variety of functions, but how about having a plugin to process a Medical prescription in WooCommerce?

Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce comes to make life easier for everyone who needs medication, especially those who need to take it regularly. Although those who will be able to get the most out of this auxiliary medical prescription supplement will be pharmacists.

This auxiliary supplement represents an innovative way to acquire and sell medicines, in a faster and safer way.

After the last year and a half in which the whole world has experienced, a consequence of the spread of the virus and the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry chooses to provide everything that is required to face a situation of this magnitude, as well as the same race for vaccines, highlights the vital importance of keeping our health services at the forefront of technology. This includes pharmaceutical services.


🩺A medical prescription auxiliary supplement that adapts to the needs of its time

It is here when plugins, which manage content on web pages, make their big entrance. And, thanks to their versatility, they can offer an infinity of functions, in this case, at the service of retail pharmacies.

Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce, is an auxiliary plugin that manages the acquisition of medicines, vaccines and pharmaceutical products through a WooCommerce store.

Buyers will be able to get the drugs they need from a pharmaceutical store that works online easily.

They will be able to simply import the prescription required by pharmacies for non-over-the-counter drugs. And they can do it the same way any attachment system works.

In addition, it can also be used to obtain all kinds of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines or products that do not require medical authorization.

It is as simple as uploading an image or document file containing the prescription information authorized by a doctor to the pharmacy’s online store.

In fact, the store manager will be able to choose that strictly prescription drugs can only be loaded after the prescription has been loaded. In this way, you can differentiate them from medicines or products that do not need a prescription.

The administrator will also have access and will be able to verify the loaded recipes at all times, easily and quickly. Thus, you can approve or reject the order received, depending on the needs of each case. This will prevent indiscriminate and unauthorized purchases.

Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce

📝 Features of Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce

The main features of this Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce that are relevant to the store admin pharmacist are:

  • The store administrator will be able to configure that the drug or product is only available after a prescription has been loaded.
  • You can also approve or reject, depending on the case, the attached file that the user uploads as a medical prescription.
  • You can also configure the content that will be visible to users in the store interface and website.
  • It will be possible to set a header for the prescription.
  • The prescription section can be enabled or disabled by the administrator at any time, quickly and easily.
  • You will be able to view the recipes that the clients add in real-time.
  • The administrator will have at his disposal a complete list of all the orders that have been made for the products that require medical prescriptions.
  • You will have a completely separate section where you can view the orders that were created with a prescription.
  • It will be possible to establish, at any time, which products strictly require a prescription in order to be able to acquire them on time, and which ones do not.


✅ Benefits for users

Customers who buy their medicines in a store that has this add-on installed will find some extra benefits that will facilitate the process:

  • The customer can buy products, vaccines and medicines online. Without leaving your home.
  • Loading the prescription is quick and easy.
  • Even after selecting the product and placing the order, the customer will have the opportunity to load the required medical prescription.
  • You can load the prescription at the time of ordering. Even if the buyer is a guest user.
Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce


This auxiliary plugin, the Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce, offers several advantages, both for administrators and for users and customers.

In the first place, it facilitates the process of purchasing pharmaceutical products and medicines in a safe and effective way. This is possible thanks to a friendly interface and its simple mode of operation for both the seller and the buyer.

The management and optimization of medical and pharmaceutical processes prepare us in a better way to face the different aspects of health care, allowing technological evolution to follow its path and ours, towards a more practical life. Do you need this plugin at a low price? Contact Us Now!