The Best Elementor Templates For WordPress. Top Ranking 2022

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Elementor is the most famous page builder for WordPress today. There is a free as well as PRO version of the plugin. Today, we will look at the best Elementor templates for WordPress available in the marketplace.


Please note that if the template declares support for Elementor, you do not need to buy the PRO version of the plugin. Theme authors add their blocks using the plugin’s API, allowing you to create a great site at no additional cost.”

Criteria for evaluation

All the best Elementor templates we review are responsive, cross-browser, secure, and compatible with the latest version of WordPress!

The following features required your particular attention:

  1. Template speed
  2. Functionality
  3. Customer Support
  4. Author’s authority
  5. Price

Let’s go¬†ūü§ď

Generic Elementor Templates For WordPress

1. Engitech

Engitech elementor templates

Engitech is a popular theme that supports the Elementor plugin. It aims to create business websites portfolios and is also suitable for startups and applications. The standard color palette for design is blue and white.

The WooCommerce plugin is also available, allowing you to add a store’s functionality to the website.¬†Cost: $59¬†.

What we liked:

  • Eight demos for one-pagers
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Compatibility not only with Elementor but also with Slider Revolution;
  • 30+ layouts and inner pages
  • Gallery support: photo, video, music
  • Four headers and three footers
  • smooth slider
  • Bootstrap support
  • Updates almost every month

Engitech is a good website template. There are a lot of demos that demonstrate the work of the template in various areas. From a portfolio to a presentation of an application or your agency. Downloads Рmore than 1000, rating Р5 stars.

2. Leverage | Elementor Theme

Leverage | Elementor Theme

Leverage is an Elementor theme to create a portfolio and creative agencies websites. 

The design of the demo versions is non-standard and different, A video background, a picture, a colored background. The color palette of the websites is of two categories: Light and Dark Palette.

WooCommerce plugin is supported to implement online sales of goods and optimization for Gutenberg. Cost: $49 .

What we liked:

  • 20 demos (single-page and multi-page version)
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Blog on Elementor
  • Feedback forms without the use of plugins (less load on the site)
  • Multiple Portfolio Options: Featured Section, Grid, Carousel, Slider
  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • Apart from Elementor, Visual Composer¬†(WPBakery) is supported


The kit comes with the ACF Pro plugin (¬†$49 savings¬†); the¬†plugin allows you to create custom fields in publications, expanding the editor’s functionality.

Leverage is a convenient¬†Elementor¬†template for use not only in these topics but in general in 7 areas: creatives, startup, business, blog, technology, blog, store. With 1000+ sales, the theme is rated 4.95/5 but is quite capable of achieving an “A.” We recommend it!

3. Digeco | Light Weight Elementor Theme

Digeco | Light Weight Elementor Theme

Digeco is a lightweight Elementor theme for creating websites such as portfolios, agencies, startups, application presentations, and frameworks. The template has an excellent design in a minimalist style; the site has what you need. 

The theme is quite well-received, judging by the reviews showing that it is a good theme.

There is an optimization for Gutenberg and compatibility with WooCommerce. And the price pleases Рonly $ 29.

What we liked:

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Optimized for¬†Gutenberg, not just for Elementor
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4
  • Many layouts: 4 multi-page, three blogs, eight teams, seven portfolios, and two services
  • Four header options

Digeco is a fantastic theme with a modern and clean design. A large number of pre-assembled one-page/multi-page home pages allow you not to worry too much about how to arrange the blocks. You can take it readily. In general, the template turned out to be five stars, confirmed by Envato users’ feedback.

4. Nifty | Elementor Theme For Business Consulting

screenshot 2022.02.05 01 05 01

Nifty is an Elementor theme to develop websites for different types of companies. Demos show that the theme can be different and easily adapt to your needs. But she had relatively few sales Р500+ and a rating of 4.3. And in this theme, we are again met with Gutenberg optimization and WooCommerce support. Cost: $69

What we liked:

  • Own plugins
  • Custom Coming Soon Page and 404 Error Page
  • Optimized for Gutenberg
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Eight site demos
  • Nine header options


This theme includes the author’s plugins, such as Bold Builder (builder), Bold Timeline (creating timelines), Bold Cost Calculator (service cost calculator,¬†$29 savings¬†).

In general, Nifty, although a narrowly focused template, is worthy of attention as it has a straightforward design. Several authors’ Bold plugins contribute to template customization on a par with Elementor. Prepared a child theme for other pages, but everyone has it ūüôā

Best Selling Elementor Templates for WordPress in 2020 ‚Äď 2021

1. Essentials | Best Elementor Template

Essentials | Best Elementor Template

Essential¬†launches a series of bestselling themes. This theme has Elementor, and WPBakery builds. The theme’s overall design can be attributed to Material design or a classic design with great photos. Along with all other themes, it has support for the WooCommerce plugin.¬†Cost: $59

What we liked:

  • 34 demos
  • premium plugins
  • header and footer builder (30 examples for each element)
  • dynamic change of color palette from theme to theme
  • Live search
  • 4 portfolio layouts
  • 3 blog layouts: 1 tabular list and 2 grid variations
  • 3 post layouts: 2 with sidebars and 1 full-page
  • 5 layouts for products
  • advanced popup windows


The theme comes with a lot of plugins, but we will focus only on paid ones, including WPBakery ( $64 savings ), Slider Revolution ( $29 savings ), Master Slider ( $24 savings )

Essential is a bestseller: 2000 sales with an overall rating of 4.97. This theme is limitless, as it has many different posts, blogs, and pages. In addition, it has an exclusive story feature, just like on Instagram. And the plugins included in this theme complete the picture.

2. Reobiz | Business Focused WP Theme

Reobiz | Business Focused WP Theme

Reobiz is another business-focused WP theme. Like some of the themes above, it offers demos for various agencies, app landing pages, and more. The design here is the same Рclassic. And again, we meet WooCommerce support, but this time it is not optimized for Gutenberg, but as sharp as possible, like an Elementor template. Cost: $24

What we liked:

  • There are 34 demos (18 multi-page + 16 single-page) with hundreds of internal pages.
  • 6 header options
  • 2 layouts “About me.”
  • 2 service page layouts
  • 5 layouts for projects
  • 3 project description layouts
  • 5 blog layouts
  • 3 pin layouts

Reobiz has a 4.8 rating and over 2,000 downloads despite its low price. The design here is quite thoughtful; it is convenient to customize and make your own website. Supported by Redux Framework.

3. Lekker | Best Elementor Templates for Portfolio

Lekker | Best Elementor Templates for Portfolio

Lekker is a colorful bestseller for portfolios or presentations. The design is made in a flat style with a bias towards minimalism. In general, colorful and creative. The demos have a demonstration of a portfolio, gallery, and presentations. The theme is not overloaded with plugins, which is for the best. Cost: $69 .

What we liked:

  • 12 demos
  • Paid plugin included
  • There are shortcodes for lists (teams, clients, products, and prices), social networks, and image markup. In short, shortcodes for everything.
  • WooCommerce plugin support
  • Widgets for Instagram, Twitter, other social networks
  • Has a child theme
  • Custom footer (1-4 columns)


The paid plugin is Slider Revolution ( $29 savings ). This plugin allows you to create sliders.

The Lekker has been sold numerous times in a short period (it’s in this block for a reason). With 1,100 sales in less than a year and an overall rating of 4.8, which is quite a number. One of the best Elementor Templates for WordPress.

4. Lusion | Simple Elementor Ecommerce Theme

Lusion | Simple Elementor Ecommerce Theme

Lusion is a concise and simple e-commerce theme. Naturally, customers are here. Plus, a few features make it an excellent online store. There are demos for landing pages and home pages. Many plugins are included, such as Elementor, Slider Revolution, and others aimed at optimization. Cost: $29

What we liked:

  • 24 homepages, 12 stores, 10 products – quite a lot of layouts
  • 10 header styles
  • Using AJAX: autocomplete search and change the color of the product on the photo without reloading the page
  • 25 homepage demos, 28 landing page demos
  • Featured Products
  • Cool PopUps
  • 2 cart layouts


The paid plugin is Slider Revolution ( $29 savings ). It allows you to make sliders; we have already figured that out.

Lusion is a fantastic and inexpensive theme for an Elementor online store; despite its relatively cheap, it is well thought out has many plugins and various functionalities.

5. Trydo | Elementor Theme for Portfolios

Trydo | Elementor Theme for Portfolios

Trydo is an Elementor theme for portfolios and agencies that supports WooCommerce and is optimized for Gutenberg. Includes 17 demos and 30 custom widgets from Trydo. Uses not only Elementor but also other products. Redux Framework, for example, is an extension for the built-in customizer. Cost: $35 .

What we liked:

  • WooCommerce Support
  • Switching to a dark site design theme
  • 17 home page demos
  • Paid plugins – free
  • Lots of theme options (thanks to the toolkit of the template itself)


The ACF Pro plugin (¬†save $49¬†) allows you to create custom fields in publications (galleries, videos, forms), expanding the editor’s functionality. Elementor – it’s clear what it does, and the Trydo Core group of plugins is also included.

Trydo has been sold over 800 times since October 2020 and rated 5 stars. This speaks of good quality. Nested paid plugins help to work with this theme. The design will be relevant for a long time.

Elementor DIY Kits ( Template Kits)

1. Faber | Theme for a Tech Company

Faber | Theme for a Tech Company

Faber¬†is a narrowly focused¬†(originally)¬†WordPress template created around the theme of a tech company. Good design, no plugins¬†(except Elementor), speed up the site’s loading. In any case, it looks restrained but impressive.

WooCommerce plugin is supported to implement online sales of goods and optimization for Gutenberg. Cost: $29

What we liked:

  • 19 pages showcasing the design
  • The author claims that you will not need Elementor PRO at all!
  • Smooth loading and animation
  • Custom FAQ pages, commands, and also a custom 404 error page
  • Feedback form
  • Blog with highlighted post and grid

As noted earlier, Faber is a reasonably restrained theme, but for 160+ sales, it has a confident 5 stars. The author has similar works in his portfolio; his overall rating is 4 stars. Other themes are also distinguished by beauty and restraint.

2. Archo


Archo is an Elementor WordPress theme to develop a hotel or inn website and interior and exterior presentations. The design is spectacular; you can find smooth transitions everywhere. A map, a grid blog, and 10 other pages, including a team and a price tag. It has everything, while the cost of the template is $19.

What we liked:

  • Thoughtful website design
  • More than 10 pages on the site
  • Own blog
  • Ability to customize with Elementor
  • Custom pages for 404 error, FAQ, announcements
  • Gallery
  • Photo cover with animation

Archo has had 120+ sales and 5 stars since July 20, but it’s a shame it hasn’t been updated since November. This can be explained by other more priority projects of the author. By the way, he has 1000 sales in total, the overall rating is 5 stars, and there are more challenging works in the portfolio.

3. Hando | Elementor Theme for Company’s Portfolio

Hando | Elementor Theme for Company's Portfolio

Hando¬†is an Elementor theme focusing on your company’s portfolio that can also be used for branding and agencies. The demos have a colorful enough design for different business areas. Demos have many other custom blocks; the theme is expandable.

The WooCommerce plugin is supported to implement the sale of goods through the site. Cost: $30 .

What we liked:

  • 12+ beautifully designed Elementor templates
  • Header, footer, blog archive, and 404 are configurable
  • Elegant and beautiful portfolio and work pages
  • Parallax background images and videos
  • Interactive and animated elements
  • Hero slider with image, title, and call to action
  • Creative and lively vision and content blocks (customizable)
  • Customer Review Slider
  • Statistical counters
  • Ability to create timelines
  • Video popup
  • Attractive price tables
  • accordion content
  • Blog with three display options: mosaic, carousel, grid

Hando is an excellent and handy theme that offers a portfolio, gallery, and more to create a fully functional website. You can also use the blog as a news section. Standard design – grid. The latest entries will be displayed at the bottom of the site on the main page.

The Best Templates for Elementor (in 6 years)

1. BeTheme | Best Theme of all the Time

BeTheme | Best Theme of all the Time

BeTheme is an extremely comprehensive template that offers paid plugins that make working with the site easier and 500+ site demos for various topics. Suitable for portfolios, companies, events, and so on. Offers WooCommerce support as well. Cost: $59 .

What we liked:

  • WooCommerce Support
  • Muffin Builder
  • sticky header
  • 12 pre-built themes
  • 7 header options
  • Shortcodes
  • Paid plugins
  • 3 different blog layouts
  • 4 different portfolio layouts
  • Child Theme Compatibility
  • Widgets
  • Social media integration
  • Custom footer
  • Active Support


The paid plugin is Slider Revolution ($29 savings). It allows you to make custom sliders. Then there’s WPBakery (¬†$64 savings¬†) as another builder.

BeTheme is a WordPress theme with 100% Elementor support that offers excellent scalability. In addition, there are dozens of layouts for different website pages. This theme was Made in 2014; it has sold 200,000 times and is still supported today. A real bestseller. It can be definitely recommended here, even though the template was released more than 6 years ago. The authors of this topic are constantly improving it!

2. Bridge | Most Popular WordPress Theme

Bridge | Most Popular WordPress Theme

The bridge is a popular theme for creating WordPress sites of various kinds, a blog and an online store, a restaurant website, and much more. The design of the demos is concise. Many different technologies make the site more usable and beautiful in light shades. Cost: $59

What we liked:

  • Listing, restaurant, and news functionality
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Optimized for Gutenberg and Elementor
  • Additional WooCommerce Plugins for Quick Previews
  • Search and Carousel by Q-code
  • Paid plugins for free
  • Support for galleries, quotes, and more in posts
  • Dozens of shortcodes
  • 540 full demos
  • Integration with social networks and services, including even Behance


There are many paid plugins. For example, Slider Revolution (¬†$29 savings¬†). It allows you to make sliders. There is also WPBakery (¬†$64 savings¬†); it’s a builder. LayerSlider (¬†Save $25¬†) is also a slider plugin with more customization. And Timetable Responsive Schedule (¬†$26 savings¬†) allows you to create schedules.

The bridge was created in April 2014 and is still maintained. This means that the theme is still relevant and can be used.

Also check this article where I have shared Best One Page WordPress Themes of 2022

3. Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter WordPress Theme

Jupiter is an old but constantly updated WordPress theme that allows you to create websites for any topic. Many plugins are supported that make the site technological. There are a lot of demos, so you can see what the template is capable of. Cost: $59

What we liked:

  • 420 demos
  • Supported by WooCommerce
  • Optimized for Gutenberg
  • 20 prebuilt headers with 15 customization options
  • Unique footer for each page
  • Custom 404 error page
  • Custom lightboxes
  • Builder: blog, portfolio, popups, forms
  • Custom post archives
  • Footer and header constructor


The paid plugin we have is Slider Revolution ($29 savings). Thanks to this plugin, you can customize the sliders. WPBakery ( $64 savings ) is also a builder (except for Elementor).

Jupiter is a thoughtful template that can be used in any direction. Integration with VuKomers says that you can create an online store on it. By the way, the template is old – already from the 13th year. But in terms of quality and popularity, he did not lose, judging by the reviews.


You can leave links to the templates you are interested in in the comments, and we will honestly evaluate them.

We tried to present all of the information as simply as possible, but if you still have questions, please contact us, and we will gladly assist you!

Thank you.