The 9 Best WordPress Plugins To Install Right away in 2022

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In this article I have shared the 9 Best WordPress Plugins that every website or Blog should have in 2022. Creating a blog requires knowledge, tools, and programming languages that most people don’t know. As a result, CMS and WordPress plugins are depopulating, allowing you to create compelling websites even if you are a beginner and don’t need to know programming or web design.

On the other hand, if you don’t have this and other technical skills, you won’t create genuinely unique and high-performing websites.

However, there are some people and reasons why it’s important to quickly have a great site that is fast and easy to navigate. With WordPress, you don’t need to be an expert at web design to create a simple site. The platform offers a simplified website development system based on preset graphic themes. The best WordPress plugins allow you to set up various site pages without necessarily being a web designer.

But WordPress plugins are in the thousands, and developers release new ones every day. How can you navigate this universe? And what are the Best WP plugins to get started?

Best Plugins for WordPress

You won’t have to go through the massive WordPress library searching for a perfect plugin with this guide. Still, you’ll be able to find out the essential wp plugins to install on your site, covering all the management aspects of an efficient and secure website. Once you’ve implemented and experimented with these crucial plugins, you’ll be able to broaden your understanding of the world of WordPress Plugins. You’ll also be able to find more specific ones to make sure your project stands out from the crowd.

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that is the basis of many websites and blogs on the network. WordPress can enrich its functions by using a wide variety of best WordPress plugins, some of which are available for free and others to purchase.

Creating a Site with WordPress | Using The Elementor Plugin

Creating a Site with WordPress | Using The Elementor Plugin

The most famous plugin for creating websites from scratch is Elementor. Creating and manipulating your site’s landing pages, pop-ups, forms, and various parts is essential. Available in a limited free version and a more prosperous, fully functional paid version. Elementor ensures the manipulation of any claim by simply dragging and dropping elements. It is a system for selecting the boxes he wants on his site and dragging them to their final position.

The free version of Elementor offers 30 different widgets, which allow you to insert posts, galleries and images, forms of many kinds, price lists and tables, review and social buttons. You can “build” the look of your site with a massive margin of graphic and functional customizability.

With good reason, Elementor may be the first plugin you install when building your website foundation. You don’t need to hire a web admin or agency to get a compelling and captivating blog. I wrote a guide on creating a website, outlining why to do it from a business perspective, how to do it yourself and which strategies to use to achieve success.

The Blog as a Business


The other WordPress plugins mentioned below are for specific purposes once the site has been developed.

However, I have selected the most important ones needed to launch a fast, safe, and navigable site. But suppose you think that the plugins available on the official WordPress site already contain 40,000 (and there are no customized versions on other channels). In that case, you could well imagine all the potential a website can achieve.

There are plugins for each of these needs, and they’re all useful. Below, I recommend some of the best plugins for WordPress.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress Plugin


If you’re a beginner blogger, you know that ranking high in Google is synonymous with increased traffic on the site. So you must use the right tools to optimize your posts for search engines. Among these are some plugins for WordPress specifically designed to help you write content from an SEO perspective, that is, reported to be optimized for search engines (in particular Google).

  • Yoast SEO: This is the most useful free WordPress plugi­n for SEO. There are two versions of this tool. One is free, which only analyzes the text for a single keyword. The other is paid, which is more comprehensive and has more features, and therefore better suited to a more specific SEO strategy.

There are two schools of thought among SEO experts. Those who say don’t use these plugins at all and those who recommend them for those who aren’t professional SEOs or SEO copywriters. You should always write content for the user first and then for the search engine.

Don’t get too caught up in the traffic light system. Use it as a starting point for thinking about how to improve your website’s SEO. Do you want to optimize your website for SEO? Check this article 31 Simple Hacks to Optimize WordPress for SEO.

Cache Plugin for WordPress Speed Optimization

Cache WordPress Speed Optimization

Good optimization for Google and the other search engines also involves the loading times of the site’s pages. An excellent way to speed up loading times is to cache the pages themselves. If you don’t even know where it is, accessing the cache is facilitated by some specific cache plugins.

  • WP Rocket: It’s a paid WordPress plugin, but it doesn’t offer a free trial version. It’s perhaps the best WordPress caching plugin to check and improve the speed and performance of your site. Which will also affect the SEO ranking of your site by compressing static files and mimicking real visitors with a bot. With WPRocket you’ll be able to create a functional and fast site.
  • W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache makes sure that the pages opened by the visitor are saved in their cache. So that they don’t have to be re-opened if the user return to the site later. This allows them to load faster, which improves the overall browsing experience for the visitor.
  • WP Fastest Cache Premium: WP Fastest Cache is a premium plugin for caching. Also suitable for SEO optimization strictly. This plugin allows you to streamline your content, including images, significantly.

WordPress plugin for e-commerce

WordPress plugin for e-commerce

If you’re planning to create an e-shop with a blog, everyone would recommend WooCommerce. There are also other good e-commerce platforms (like Shopify or EasyCart), but this one has earned an excellent reputation for ease of use. Also notable are the reviews of professionals who say they’ve achieved amazing results using this plugin.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that is particularly suitable for new online store owners.

It is highly valid for the management of all the online store procedures to be supported by the system. The WooCommerce plugin offers the classic functions of the shop (shopping), cart (checkout), checkout (payment), and account management (user profile). More complex features, however, can be implemented with its premium version.

WooCommerce is successful because it provides an easy-to-use shopping experience for customers. Everything is fast, smooth, and intuitive, and you get to the checkout without too many clicks that might distract the customer from buying.

Plugin for Data Analysis and Marketing

Plugin for data analysis and marketing

All the steps involved in building a website are functional to achieving specific traffic. Optimizing content for the SERPs, streamlining the site, and setting up an eCommerce store makes sense only if the website gets a certain number of visits.

Bringing new visitors to your site is the number one goal – and the strategies to do so are endless – but counting unique clicks is useless if you don’t consider them valuable data. That’s right; every click is a piece of data to think about for the next move. This is the most technical part of the job, but it can also differentiate a passionate blogger from a real online professional. Professional with excellent earning potential on the internet.

Among the most exciting tools for this purpose, I’d like to mention one to do marketing analysis (and test new approaches towards visitors).

  • OptinMonster: This is an easy-to-use paid plugin that allows you to create targeted loyalty campaigns and provides detailed statistics to evaluate their success, even concerning certain variables (in this way, it will be easier to determine the best strategy follow).
  • MonsterInsight: This plugin allows you to track all the efforts made on your site in terms of time spent on each page, the number of pages visited and the type of device used. Monster Insight is ideal if you want to monitor your entire organic marketing campaign, including Google Analytics.
  • About Email Marketing, check out these 9 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Marketing Tool 2022.

Safety Plugin for WordPress site

Safety plugin

Backing up your site before starting a new project is essential because if something goes wrong and leads to the loss of the previous work and data, you’ll be able to recover everything.

A best WordPress plugin for site backups is UpdraftPlus: It’s widely used, accessible, and has excellent ratings. It allows you to save backup copies even in cloud services such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive, which works particularly useful if you’re working in a team.

Security of a web portal means that it should be free from spam. Spam doesn’t have to reach the reader; it doesn’t burden the backend.

You can limit the spread of spam thanks to the Akismet plugin, created back in 2005 and implemented in its basic version by WordPress. Akismet offers, on a monthly subscription, a premium version that is constantly updated for commercial services, therefore suitable for e-commerce projects.

Choose the best WordPress plugins carefully.

Web design and development

Suppose you want your website to do business. In that case, you will have to start promoting and SEO strategies to make the site grow and monitor the results obtained over time. So you will be able to adjust the game and improve the navigation more and more, making the site more attractive to visitors and aiming from one to another.

But beware! Not all WordPress plugins have the same value. Some might have poor codebases and are not suitable for a specific version of the CMS. Others can be so heavy as make the site so slow as to be practically unusable by users.

Therefore, the need to choose the best WordPress plugins to make your site increasingly rich and complete and increasingly attractive and valuable.

The novice’s temptation could be to install too many plugins in the hope of many automatizing processes of creating the blog. Still, the experience will teach that too many plugins weigh down the website, losing user experience.

However, other plugins can be replaced by much better external tools, which are more sensitive to the data they collect. They will not make your site succeed, but they will help you improve your site. It will be you and your work there.