Top 6 Practical Tips for Web Design Beginners in 2021

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In this article, I have shared some Practical tips for Web Design Beginners who want to improve their web designing skills.

Again and again, you read about good web design and what it does – but what actually is good website design? Is website design good if it looks nice and has an atmosphere? Or is it good when the sale is right? In the end, every web designer probably has his own opinion about what makes good web design.

We just assume that website design is good or successful when it is effective. Another word for the same thing – here too, some web designers may have their own opinion. What does effective website design mean?

By following our tips for Web design beginners you will get an answer to this question.

Everything very clearly in Web Design

When you visit a website, you usually do so because he or she has a question. Ud die has to answer the website with as little effort as possible. Common questions that pop up immediately when looking at any website are:

– Where did I end up now?
– Which path/click leads to where?
– How exactly do I get to where I want to go?
– How do I get back?

So it’s about orientation, about an obvious signpost. Web designers have headlines and navigations, logos and teasers available for this purpose: These tools guide visitors through the site. It must not be overloaded but must show a clear structure. We summarize:

Good, effective web design creates an overview and gives structure.

Everything very clearly, Top 6 Practical Tips for Web Design Beginners in 2021,

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Everything legible in Web design

95 percent of every website is typography. Navigation points and buttons are labeled, headlines, product descriptions, and even this article – everything is the text that should be read. And that means for the work of the web designer.- Fonts must not be too small
– Fonts must be easy to read
– Line spacing must be large enough
– Fonts and size support the subject matter of the text
– Contrast of text color and background is sufficient, but not too violent.
We state: Good, effective website design is good typography.Everything legible, Top 6 Practical Tips for Web Design Beginners in 2021

Aesthetic claim: hit!

Humans are extremely visual: we perceive our environment through our eyes. Websites are optical media. Design is therefore extremely important. The red of Coca-Cola has nothing to do with the product, it is still iconic for the brand. From Apple to H&M to Zara and IKEA, everyone pays attention to a recognizable, unique design. For websites, this means: The design must support the product or topic. Toy shops can appear playful, the law firm’s website must appear serious.

The design of the website is defined by colors, typography, grids, and structures as well as each individual design element. These elements are meant for the visitors to the website. We find:

good, effective website design is aesthetically pleasing.

Cheers to the emotions!

Many people think of themselves as very rational, but in the end, we are all driven by emotions. Because these are the signal paths in the brain that react super-quickly to everything – the rational justification lags behind. Because of this, websites need to be emotionally appealing. And that is the case faster and more intensely with images than with texts. Colors arouse emotions and should therefore be used in a targeted manner.

We found that 95 percent of a website is typography. But the remaining 5 percents are pictures and colors. Therefore:

Good, effective web design arouses emotions by using colors and images in a targeted manner.

Web Design should be User Friendly

Of course, we all assume that websites are fundamentally user-friendly. Is that you? The English word usability is often used for this. Every single aspect of a website plus its entirety must be geared towards usability. Usability means:

– good navigation
– clear structure
– understandable content
– clear hierarchies, supported by the visual design
– quick and easy operation
– responsive design
– barrier-free implementation
– high security
Good, effective web design is user-friendly.

Fast, faster, website

Who wants to wait forever for a website to load? When a few years ago the advertising of a large corporation promised grandly “Goodbye, loading bar”, we already suspected it: The pages are not loading faster now just because we can no longer see the bar. Web designers have to ensure that loading times are kept within limits. No great effects and jQuery, no large background images, compressed image files, and minimal source codes guarantee fast loading times.

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Conclusion: not that difficult to implement

These few principles should be really easy to implement. After all, especially in the last point, we found that good web design means keeping it as simple and simple as possible … Dear web designers, why do we still see so many slow loading, confusing, cluttered pages?