45 Best One Page WordPress Themes of 2022

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This list contains the Best One Page WordPress Themes which can be used by freelancers, portfolios, startups, businesses and other websites in 2022.

One-page sites can be classified into two types: business-card sites and ‘landing pages.’ Small companies usually design business cards that need an easy-to-maintain webpage to post information about themselves.
The landing page also consists of one page but differs in that it aims to increase conversion and uses animated effects and marketing tricks. One-page WordPress templates allow you to create both types of sites and do not require knowledge in web development.

45 Best One Page WordPress Themes Relevant in 2022

Bridge WP one page theme

1. Bridge – 370+ cool templates in one Theme

The bridge is one of the best template collections. Among the templates, you’ll find demos on any topic. All are designed in a thematic style, perfect for landing pages, small business card sites, and other web projects. The kit includes all of the necessary plugins for online stock trading, sliders, and filling and submitting forms. Professionals make the designs of this theme. See The Most Popular Web Design Trends For 2022.

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2. Business Consultancy - One Page site | business consultant

2. Business Consultancy – One Page site | business consultant

One of almost 400 new developments. This WordPress template is unique:

  • It has a beautiful design with an unusual layout of the “menu” on the side.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • It integrates with social networks
  • It’s straightforward to change the color settings and fonts.

Users can use the business card template for any business theme.

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Brdg Runner - fitness bracelet | One Page template

3. Brdg Runner – fitness bracelet

This Brdg Runner is a powerful example of an e-commerce website dedicated to a bracelet with a fitness tracker function. The user remembers an unusual and eye-pleasing combination of colors. The template uses all of the scrolling possibilities, which makes the proposed product easy to demonstrate from any direction. In this “case,” It is possible to add videos, reviews, and other media to your website.

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Catering landing page

3. Catering – landing catering

A business card that also serves as an online store. The basic template is to cater, and it can easily modify it in the visual editor by rearranging the pictures. The design is simple, attractive, and will look great for those services and products where you need to focus your attention on the appearance of what you offer. It is Fully responsive and best one page WordPress Themes. There is a video on the front page hosted on YouTube. Check out this article Why You Should NEVER Host Videos on Your Own WordPress website.

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B-Nails nail service one page WordPress site

4. B-Nails – nail service

This WordPress site template is dedicated to a beauty studio, specifically to manicure and pedicure. Spectacular stylization under the style of Instagram, delicate pastel colors – all this will work for a potential target audience. The fonts are fully adapted to Cyrillic, so you can simply change the text and the main image. There is an option to blog.

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BRedu - education one page

5. BRedu – education

Best one page WordPress theme for education, suitable for courses and training programs. The simple, no-frills design looks equally good on desktop, laptop, and smartphone devices. Slider functions allow us to animate events. It can be used as a store with options for online orders of the selected program—Built-in Google Maps plugin.

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Be Stronger - boxing section

6. Be Stronger – boxing section

Template for fitness clubs and sports sections. It is made in a powerful, impressive style, which is further enhanced by scrolling in the image in the header. The settings are easy-to-change in the visual editor included with the template. Functionality allows you to select a program and record for a specific day, making it very convenient for customers.

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New Blockchain - Best One Page WordPress theme for Cryptocurrency

7. New Blockchain – Best One Page WordPress theme for Cryptocurrency

Trendy cryptocurrency template with futuristic neon design. Unique font animations and an intuitive admin panel have been added. In general, the built-in online shop plugin is integrated with WooCommerce The template is easy enough to adapt to a landing or sales page on any IT topic. There are additional icons that you can use.

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Matcha Organic - Sale of Matcha tea

8. Matcha Organic – Sale of Matcha tea

An attractive template designed to sell healthy food, veg­an products, tea, and coffees. Great slider setup – add both videos and pictures to your slider. An online shop is included, which will let you immediately buy the products you’re interested in. The pleasant color scheme in green-brown tones.

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BRDG - Best theme for sale of watches

9. BRDG – Best template for sale of watches

Best one page WordPress Theme for the sale of watches.
The scroll slider in the header, minimalistic black, and white design, the ability to show achievements and stats in numbers, and online store functions. Proper technique will create a feeling that the product is a luxury product, suitable for fashion products.

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Kirkland - Law Firm One page Website Theme

10. Kirkland – Law Firm One page Website Theme

Preparation for legal topics. A strict black and white style with gold elements create a feeling of reliability, trust, and authority. Scrolling and the appearance of stuff on the page as you scroll the carrier is supported. The template is integrated into the leading social networks, so you need to put the links. You can expand the space to a multi-page website or connect a blog.

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Unrivaled Taste - craft drinks

11. Unrivaled Taste – craft drinks

One page Website Theme dedicated to making craft drinks. Easy to adapt to any restaurant or food store. There are several appearance options. You can use the grid, just like in the original version, but you can also increase the number of cells in the grid. All pictures are animated by pressing. Change or increase by pressing. There is a reviews page, as well as an online shopping functionality.

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Fitness - One Page WP theme for fitness club

12. Fitness – One Page WP theme for fitness club

Another bright, memorable fitness club version of the template. Included:
automatic flipping of slides makes it easy for the clients to determine a convenient time, embed video, a section for employee instructor information, and a convenient contact form.

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Dental - dentistry

13. Dental – dentistry

A dental clinic or a medical centre should pay special attention to this one page WordPress Theme. It is simple, easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and has everything you need. Extensive scrolling customization and convenient sliders will ensure visitors find the site unique and comfortable. It is possible to grow from a business card to an online resource.

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Conference - design conference

14. Conference – design conference

Development for a meeting will become a universal landing page for any topic. The bright, professional look catches the eye and instantly draws interest. The design with many graphics looks good on all kinds of devices because it is very adaptable and responsive. The Calendar, Schedule, and Registration options using convenient forms are provided.

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Pet Sanctuary - animal shelter

15. Pet Sanctuary – animal shelter

One Page WordPress Animal shelter Theme. Parallax scrolling makes the design simple in its structure but looks spectacular and pleasant to navigate. It is possible to create an extensive gallery so this template will be a great choice.

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Burger - fast food

16. Burger – fast food

The fully animated Theme is mainly modern and relevant in the year 2022. Through the admin panel, you can customize each element of the site, making it “alive” and helping the user to get all the necessary information with maximum convenience for themselves. Initially conceived as a website for fast food restaurants, but can also be used for many other purposes. Pictures are changed with one click.

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Pole Dancing - One Page theme for dance school

17. Pole Dancing – One Page theme for dance school

The dance studio template can also be used as a landing page for cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, and any “female” theme. More neutral tones replace the bright pink and bright neon colors. Great gallery upload option to build your portfolio.

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Showreel - Video Creation

18. Showreel – Video Creation

A traditional landing page includes all the necessary elements – the main page, a detailed description, and a call to action. The menu will allow users to move up in one easy click. The neutral design makes it easy to use the workpiece for various projects.

It’s perfect for a business card website, and it can become the foundation for a larger project. The main menu has a convenient side menu.

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Jupiter Universal Theme

Jupiter Universal Theme

Jupiter Universal is one of the most basic and customizable templates on the web. It is suitable for a WordPress responsive landing page or an online store with an extensive catalogue.

The Theme is designed for high performance, uses a Javascript lazy loading plugin, and optimizes dependency management and CPU usage. It’s compatible with all major browsers; PSD files are included in the template. The Theme comprises premium plugins LayerSlider, Master Slider, VisualComposers, Slider Revolution.

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Medical prescription plugin for WooCommerce

Universal template

19. Universal template

The demo site of the magazine is in bright colors. Blurred photo hovers effect, video background for section, pop-up text to attract the visitor’s interest.

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Portfolio/business card website of a psychologist

20. Portfolio/business card website of a psychologist

One Page WordPress site for an actor, politician, psychologist, coach, or trainer. It has an animated counter and a rigorous design.

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Universal / One-Pager Photographer Portfolio

21. Universal / One-Pager Photographer Portfolio

Stylish one-pager WordPress theme with a slider, banners with blackout effect applied, photo galleries, counters, parallactic backgrounds, social buttons.

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Product Landing: Food/Donuts

22. Product Landing: Food/Donuts

A colorful landing page for a cafe that sells doughnuts. The design should include a fixed top menu, a subscription form, a photo gallery with a lightbox to display pictures, and a contact form.

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New Year's page | Landing Page

23. New Year’s page | Landing Page

Fixed menu items are used to perform landing navigation. The site has a ton of thematic icons, a button “To the Top of the Page,” and a form for congratulating people.

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24. Sports/fitness

The business card site in a light color, ideal for a fitness instructor, uses a minimum of animation. Visitors can like articles, products, and other content.

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25. Sports/CrossFit

A simple landing page template with lots of sections and buttons to encourage you to join the club. Section names are displayed with an animation.

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Website of the agency organizing events/holidays

26. Website of the agency organizing events/holidays

The landing page features a menu that changes colors when scrolling, a download link, a customer gallery, a feedback form, and a newsletter subscription form.

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Photographer's portfolio

27. Photographer’s portfolio

A landing page with a brief description of the photographer in the header. Then, a “drop-down menu” with one large photo. Clicking on a picture opens a photo gallery.

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28. Cafe/food

The demo is suitable as a business card site. When scrolling, the header disappears with a “fade out” effect. The icon in the lower right corner opens the feedback form.

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Handmade/workshop | Landing Page

29. Handmade/workshop | Landing Page

At the top of your landing page, there is an image slider. When you hover your mouse pointer over its navigation arrows, a preview of the slide appears.

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30. Medicine

WordPress landing page Theme can increase conversions. This demo site, honey. Clinics can encourage visitors to request a callback.

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31. Beauty/Beauty

Landing page for a beauty salon or fashion magazine. When viewing the page in a browser, the header photos of the sections are sequentially opened and fixed. Its background is darkened.

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32. Lectures/training

Landing page with flexbox gallery, pricing block, events schedule, and detailed map Parallax is sometimes used in some sections.

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Beautiful Salient Theme

Beautiful Salient Theme

Salient is a lightweight, responsive all-in-on Theme that is rightfully considered lighter and faster than the alternative themes. Adaptive images are essential to the design of the template. They perfectly adapt to the screens on different devices.

The Theme comes with the advanced version of the Visual Com­poser plugin for free. Advanced customization options allow web admins to customize the one-page WordPress Theme to their needs quickly.

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WhatsApp Plugins WordPress | Top 10 (Free & Premium)

Landing in the form of a block slider

33. Landing in the form of a block slider

When moving between the page blocks, a transition effect of decreasing and increasing background is used. A change of full-screen occurs when menu items or arrows are activated.

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Startup One Page WordPress Theme

34. Startup One Page WordPress Theme

Clicking on the “menu item” causes a horizontal shift effect. When scrolling, page load elements are loaded with an intentionally delayed.

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Cafe landing page

35. Cafe landing page

A beautiful one-­page website consisting of sections “About Us”, “Menu”, “Photos”, “Contact Us”. It contains a slider of reviews and an interactive map

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36. App

A bright landing page to promote the application. As the page scrolls down, the content sections change one another, reproducing a raised/lowered curtain’s effect.

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Business card website for an agency

37. Business card website for an agency

When the page loads, a 3D cube appears. From one side of the cube, a slider with a video opens. As you scroll, you’ll see the cube flip over, and its new face transforms into a new section.

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Universal demo site

38. Universal demo site

Represent those adaptive landing page templates that suit any project. When scrolling, the background of a section rises, and its elements pop up from different parts of the screen.

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Digital agency landing page

40. Digital agency landing page

The site design uses animations that simulate the approach and movements of images, line-to-line output of the text, and parallax when scrolling.

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Promotion page for the product

41. Promotion page for the product

The landing page is accessed using a slide-out menu, vertical dots, scrolling, and other navigation techniques. Design elements are displayed using animation, which is very fond of using landing page designs created for WordPress and other platforms.

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Phlox pro

42. Phlox Pro

One of the most popular Elementor multi-template themes, which appeared a few years ago, and in 2022 remains relevant due to constant updates. An excellent preparation for one-page sites, which can place a large amount of information while maintaining intelligibility and clarity, and sales function. Are you new to Elementor? See this wp Elementor tutorial.

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43. Manon

A creative template with a dozen exciting demo sites. You can customize the page using the Elementor or WordPress builder. The developers also recorded two videos, with a total duration of 2 hours. They show how to set up the template.

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44. Resonator

Template for an audio podcast website. The Theme has beautiful demo pages, made in minimalism, light, and nothing more. Functionality: built-in player, you can add music from popular platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud, the ability to create your blog or online store.

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45. Sann | One Page WordPress Theme

A creative theme for a design studio with 15 different demos. Delicate pastel colors add neatness to the site. Suitable for any niche, whether you’re a brand agency, design studio, designer, freelancer of any type, or looking for the easiest way to create a compelling modern landing page.
You’ll get tons of creative portfolio layouts, including one-page templates, horizontal scrolling, and floating portfolios, plus two free premium plugins.

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Which template do you like best? Write in the comments.